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  • A safe workplace is everyone’s responsibility

    Health and Safety Policy

    The Management of Landshark Drilling is vitally interested in the health and safety of our employees. Our philosophy is that the strength and well being of the corporation is dependent upon the health and safety of our workforce. To maintain quality standards and production schedules, health and safety must be the top priority at all times and encouraged through progressive training and recognition. To achieve this goal we shall endeavour to develop, implement and evaluate our health and safety program in order to maintain the success of our policies.

    Drill rig on train tracks

    The responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace is everyone’s responsibility, from the President to the new employee to the sub-contractors we have relationships with. We shall all attempt to work together to prevent incidents and accidents from creating unwanted losses and personal harm. Employees and contractors working for Landshark Drilling, on or off of Landshark property, have a duty to abide by all health and safety legislation and company safety policies. The legislated Internal Responsibility System (IRS) gives employees the duty to inform their immediate supervisor of any potential accident or health hazard they are aware of and which may endanger them or another person. The supervisor will in turn assess the hazard and if necessary correct the situation. He must deal with it in a manner which ensures the future safety of all individuals and, if necessary, seek the advice and assistance of the Health and Safety Representative and/or management to reach a satisfactory resolution.