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  • Geoprobe 7822DT

    Track MountGeoprobe 7822DT

    Landshark Drilling is equipped with 3Ā GeoprobeĀ® Model 7822DTsĀ ā€“ a compact and powerful direct push drilling machine ā€“providing flexibility in all types of field conditions.

    Geoprobe direct push machines are recognized for the percussion hammer. The new GH64 percussion hammer on the 7822DT has greatly improved on this technology. The integrated two-speed, bi-directional feature allows drillers to perform numerous rotational applications. These include surface pavement coring and in some conditions, subsurface rock coring, with rotational speeds of up to 550 rpm.

    The Geoprobe 7822DT allows Landshark Drilling to deliver an even higher level of service when providing soil coring and monitoring well installations, as well as additional geotechnical capabilities, including blow counts for soil density measurement.

    With the new Drop Rack System, our direct push drilling personnel can move accessories and tools around job sites efficiently, eliminating operator fatigue while allowing us to wrap up work in the jobsite more quickly.